Spaceman-2.4-copy-2.jpgMichael Wahl Berardi has taken the two-hand tapping style to new levels incorporating both hands and all fingers into playing like an orchestra and beyond. With the use of guitar synthesizers and rack keyboard gear Michael's sound and style are truly exceptional. The development of this technique did not happen overnight but over many years. In fact, Michael has been doing this since the 1970’s. The SynthAxe video on YouTube is evidence of his amazing technique! Michael created the idea of 'neck-zoning' and 'movable split-points' for the SynthAxe in which the builders incorporated into the instrument in the 1980’s. The concept bears his name. Around the same time, Michael invented and received a U.S. Patent for the UltraMute, a dampening device used on the end of a guitar neck. You can get more specs as well as ordering info under the products tab on the UltraMute page.

While composing and recording new music, Michael is currently working on The Grand Guitar Grid System, a comprehensive method for guitar study. Over the years Michael has composed many musical works with many musicians. His style allows him to work in all genres of music from Jazz & Swing, Blues & Rock to Funk & Fusion, New Age & Classical. One mainstay musician for the last 20 years has been drummer David Mark Baker. Tappin Music Ltd. was founded by Michael and David in 2002. David is also working on a drumming study book entitled The Matrix of Primary Patterns, a comprehensive manual for drummers and percussionists.

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