Musician Innovator Inventor

Michael Wahl Berardi is an eclectic guitarist who has elevated the two-hand tapping technique to new exciting levels.

Utilizing all styles of music from jazz, swing and classical to rock, funk and fusion, Michael is certainly a modern day virtuoso as well as a master songwriter. He has blended his left and right hands so well that seeing and hearing is unbelievable. Michael’s use of the guitar synthesizer, MIDI guitar, may seem impossible but it is important to note that there are absolutely no keyboards, sequencers or computer audio programs used to make the music. Everything you hear is recorded live in the studio in real time. All horns, strings, pianos, organs, and keyboards are GUITAR!

Michael’s use of the guitar synth is truly pushing the envelope including creating and presenting the concept of 'neck-zoning' & 'movable split points' to the developers of the SynthAxe which was incorporated into the instrument. Michael also invented the UltraMute, an excellent, patented stringed instrument dampening device. So welcome friends and ready yourself for a musical experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard until now. Enjoy the artistry of master guitarist

Michael Wahl Berardi

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